Each year we ask leading designers, thinkers, architects and design manufacturers what design means to them. This year, answers were nothing short of inspiring.


"Design is social engagement. Not just between you and another person, but between you and your community, you and your cultural surrounding, you and your society."

- Jan-Christoph Zoels

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Italia Design is an undergraduate field school and research program offered by the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. This website is the legacy project of the bi-annual research results conducted in the area of design and innovation, under the directorship of Russell Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Design, SIAT.

The most significant contribution to the field are interviews conducted with emergent and established players in the Italian design community. Each year, a new team builds on the previous year’s research.

We are Gruppo Nove: the ninth group of senior design students to embark on this adventure.

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